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Hit the Road: A Woman's Guide to Solo Motorcycle Touring

Hit the Road: A Woman’s Guide to Solo Motorcycle Touring (January 2018)  

Whether you are a new solo rider or wish you had more confidence hitting the road on your own, I wrote this book for you. Hit The Road includes stories from my travels, plus checklists, tips, and resources for anyone who wants to get the best out of a two-wheeled adventure.

The book helps readers:
1. Identify their Traveler Type
2. Learn to plan the perfect itinerary for their Traveler Type
3. Understand their fears and how to overcome them
4. Choose personal safety devices and strategies best suited to them
5. Learn money-saving tips that will let them spend more time on the road
6. Prepare for travel by downloading checklists for packing, mechanical inspections, tools, and emergencies
7. Understand what to do if something unwelcomed happens on a trip
8. Experience the joy of traveling solo without feeling lonely
And much more…

Come for the Tips, Stay for the Stories.

Cover, Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer

Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons From Friends Who Faced Cancer  (January 2012)

A memoir based on the stories I heard over two years of riding my motorcycle across the US and Canada for breast cancer causes. This book includes exercises and writing prompts designed to help you apply the eight lessons I learned to your own life:

  • The Healing Power of Joy
  • Gratitude Eases Pain
  • Laughter Lightens Tragedy
  • You’re Terminal Too, Embrace It
  • When to Fight, When to Flow
  • Art Restores
  • Relationships Are Fluid
  • Channel Sorrow Into Service

The Companion Guide to Live Full Throttle includes all the exercises in the book itself, with bonus material and plenty of journaling pages.

Client Book Projects

How to Win at B2B Email Marketing: A Guide to Achieving Success is a pioneering work in the field of email marketing.

I provided developmental edits and collaborated on his manuscript through the final draft before it went for copy edits.

The Collaborative Sale

The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World guides sales professionals toward alignment with buyers.

I interviewed experts,  and wrote what’s called “the story,” that threads throughout the chapters.

Retirement GPS

In Retirement GPS, Katsman calls for a more balanced portfolio in light of today's realities--one that places heavy emphasis on foreign investments.

I provided manuscript development and editing services to Aaron on this project.


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