"I need to get away..."

Who among us hasn’t said it?

I learned to love the open road as a child with a bi-coastal family who couldn't afford airfare for five. We spent many hot summers in the family’s Vista Cruiser station wagon, and although we are not naming dates, it was back in the days when Route 66 was still fully maintained, and air conditioning was a major feature in billboard advertising.

Today you'll find me exploring North America's highways and byways by motorcycle. That’s where I encounter people, places, and adventures to inspire my life and work.

I SPEAK to businesses and community organizations about facing fear and harnessing that energy for personal growth. I’ve survived punishing weather, distracted drivers, a stolen wallet, running out of gas, and having trouble finding a safe place to sleep at night—I'd love to tell you all about it.

I LEAD TOURS for motorcyclists in the United States and abroad. I also develop custom itineraries for those who want to tour without a guide. Get in touch for custom touring services.

I WROTE two books inspired by my travels:

MY MOTTO: Pack Light. Travel Slow. Connect Deep.

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